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I picked up my first camera, a 35mm film SLR Pentax ME Super, when I was 18. I could have got hooked but university life and the responsibilities of career development took precedence.

Fast forward 30 years,  my wife Pippa (pictured) bought me a Nikon D90 for Christmas, and I was hooked. Since then its not just been a hobby; more so a passion, probably obsession. Nowadays there is not a day that goes by without me getting involved in this pursuit

Having a scientific background, a PhD in Chemistry, I have the foundations of creativity within me. Its been a wonderful sideways step getting involved in visual arts

I'm blessed with living on the Isle of Man. It offers a multitude of opportunities for photography......motorbike road racing (TT races), and macro in summer, wild weather and watersports in winter, and a changing landscape and seasons throughout the year..... I'm never short of things to shoot

Marry this with a career in the chemical industry... offering international travel, nature/wildlife, street and architectural photography, and there is not much left that I dont photograph

For me photography is beyond a hobby or passion, it is much much more than that... a way of life!

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