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Camerapics is based on the Isle of Man, an island location offering a multitude of opportunities to any photographer. Our changing weather, seasons and landscape ensures that as a landscape photographer you'll never get bored. Seasonal motorbike road racing (the TT Races), local motocross and pitbike racing, and a multitude of watersports (surfing, kiteboarding, paddleboarding, kayaking)... existing opportunities abound. Forests, plantations, and diverse flora and fauna. We have enough to satisfy the interests of any photographer

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Photography is much more to me than a hobby. or part profession. Its a passion, an obsession, a way of life

A day never passes without me being engrossed in one facet of photography or another.... scouting locations, shooting, editing, attending club meetings, one on one tuition.....its part of my daily life

My profession in the world of industrial chemicals has allowed me to travel far and wide... enjoying street photography in Mumbai or shooting surfing in Southern California; wildlife in Zimbabwe or architecture in London, Tokyo, Chicago, Shanghai....

My interests are diverse, and hence I'm more of a generalist when it comes to my specific photographic interests and favourite genre.

I'm equally at home shooting macro images of insects, watersports, street photography in remote locations or motorbike racing.

I love it all.

I'm also an active member and vice Chairman of the Western Photographic Society. A club of amateur photographers based in Peel.

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